Luncheon & Genomics Seminar

Register for #NCHIMSS Genomics event by Nov. 16 at the rate of just $25. Dr. Chad Haldeman-Englert will present: Clinical Documentation, Family History, & Genetic Laboratory Results: The Journey of the Clinical Geneticist.


Patient Engagement is Crucial for Empowering Patients.

Patient engagement is crucial for empowering patients in making decisions about their health care options and improves recovery, reduces hospitalizations and lowers the cost of care. Leveraging EMR and active patient portal to facilitate patients’ communication with providers is the key to improve patient engagement.

Digital era is rapidly transforming our behavior

Digital era is rapidly transforming our behavior. Every day we grow more dependentcy on digital world and producing more and more data. Big Data Analytics tools and methodologies are also transforming rapidly. Machine learning, and artificial intelligent are not only the reality of our lives today but also slowly penetrating to our day to day…