Duke University MMCi Program

Contact Information:
Duke University MMCi Program
2424 Hock Plaza
DUMC 2734
Durham, NC 27710
p. (919) 681-8817
Randy Sears (r.sears@duke.edu)

Website: https://mmci.duke.edu/

MMCi is a one year master’s program for working health care professionals who desire the knowledge and skills to lead transformation in health care. The format accommodates working professionals with one class weekend (Friday and Saturday) per month onsite, plus one Saturday onsite or online live, plus a small portion of independent online work on the student’s schedule.

The unique curriculum is comprised of business and clinical informatics courses and topics taught in the context of health care. The program starts with a look at the health care ecosystem considering policy, economics and the variety of diverse organizations that seek to serve the industry. The program delves into foundational business and clinical informatics knowledge and students. Building foundational knowledge, students are challenged to apply newly learned skills, along with workplace knowledge to proposed solutions creative solutions that improve quality and lower cost of health care. Each annual cohort is made up of technical, clinical, and working professionals. Students work in diverse teams and peer to peer exchange is a hallmark of the program. The program is entering its 10th year and continues to successfully prepare health care transformation leaders who drive change at the intersection of technology, business, and health. Additionally, the MMCi program includes professional development seminars and career skills lead by a professional career coach.

If you are considering investing in a master’s degree to further your professional growth we welcome you to visit class and meet some of our students and graduates. A quality master’s program should have a profound impact on a person’s career. We encourage you to visit MMCi as your do your research. The MMCi program offers scholarships and proves to be one of the best value career impacting decisions a professional can make.