Perahealth - The Rothman Index

PeraHealth – The Rothman Index

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Gavin Phillips
1616 Camden Rd.
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Charlotte, NC 28203
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PeraHealth is a software company that uses the Rothman Index to enhance clinical efficiency and improve patient outcomes. The Rothman Index is the only scientifically validated clinical decision support platform that derives one simple score from the vast amount of data in the electronic medical record to create a picture of any patient’s condition over time – any age, any disease, any unit. It can detect patient deterioration hours or days earlier than existing scores and systems, and is the first patient deterioration surveillance solution to receive FDA 510(k) clearance. Our clients are hospitals and clinicians who need to identify patients at risk of rapid decline, make decisions about transfer and discharge, predict the risk of severe infection, and improve the overall efficiency and quality of care. Powered by machine learning, the Rothman Index leverages EMR data to drive actionable insights for patient care.